The new model of the Ecdot treadmill is on the market

Time:2013-03-09 10:05:02

Every company's progress is inseparable from continuous technological innovation. If we want to remain invincible in the market, we must improve products and services. Yongkang Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is also precisely because of this, it grew up all the way. At the end of last year, the company made relevant market research on the performance and market demand of treadmill products, and found some problems. Many customers and consumers have responded that in the process of running, they feel stiff and exercise for a long time will lead to discomfort of the knee joint; most of our previous products are silicone rubber shock absorbers, but the possible effect is not very much. After the relevant research and discussion of technical departments and company leaders, 8-weight spring shock absorbers and special running are introduced. This effect has been improved very well by the material. At present, the EX640/EX650/EX690 of Black Diamond series have been successfully improved. In view of the user's entertainment experience effect in the process of enjoying fitness, the panel design has also been improved, USB socket, music function and so on, the experience is more delicate and comfortable. The new and upgraded "Acordo" brand treadmills are also facing the market in the near future, and the sales volume is relatively good. The market demand is very large. If you need customers, you can contact our sales department in advance. We will arrange the products as soon as possible.