Thoughts on Cooperation with Acodor Company

Time:2012-11-15 08:54:50

Speaking of the cooperation with Ecdot Fitness Equipment Company, it is due to the introduction of a colleague.

At that time, due to the previous brand manufacturers after-sales is very cumbersome, inefficient, and then there are some quality problems, make me burnt. Prepare to find a brand with good reputation, quality and after-sales. At that time, I met Acordo, who was personally received by Lv. At that time, I felt that the company's concept was very clear, that is, from the perspective of the market, to grasp the market and serve the market. Isn't that exactly the manufacturer I need?

Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

Then it entered the first batch of treadmills, and the style and design were confirmed by the customers. The price is lower than that of similar brands. Our dealers also have profit margins.

At that time, there was a 506B model. When the customer tested the machine, there was an abnormal noise. After careful observation, the technicians confirmed the abnormal noise of the motor. Then I called the manufacturer. Mr. Lu patiently explained that there was a problem with the carbon brush of the old motor. After replacement, it was all right. And soon a package of carbon brushes came over, after replacement, the problem was solved. This is the only problem that is not a problem yet. There have never been any problems since then. It shows that the quality of Acodor is strictly controlled. Isn't that what distributors need?

Let me feel the connotation of "Ai Ke Duo": the boss is personally responsible for the sales front line, and the employees are more team-wise and courageous to take on the responsibility. This gives our dealers a lot of confidence. Dare to grow bigger and stronger. Isn't that what dealers need?

Now the owner of my shop is promoting the Ecdot brand treadmill, adhering to the management concept of Ecdot quality first, service first, making sales bigger, making the Ecdot brand more influential, in return for the strong support of the manufacturers.