Four Years'Thoughts on Joining Icodo Brand

Time:2013-04-19 03:22:20

Talking about the cooperation with the Ecdot brand treadmill for four years, I think we have been maintaining a stable, friendly and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with Ecdot Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. This development momentum is very good, and we have made continuous progress in this process. For four years, the two sides have been able to maintain such a high degree of cooperation, but also more gratifying.

It's necessary for me to talk about the experience of cooperating with Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. over the years.

The first choice is that the company's team cohesion is very strong, the links between various departments are very close, sales, workshop, supply and other mutual cooperation is relatively tacit, whenever we need products, manufacturers will respond quickly, timely delivery, to ensure our channel supply. Many consumers are very satisfied with us.

Secondly, product quality is the most direct feedback, product design is simple, fuselage atmosphere, motor strong, strong stability, low noise. The quality of Ekodo brand treadmill is quite excellent, and the products are updated and upgraded in time. The product features are very prominent and sells well. The feedback from the market is unanimously recognized by consumers.

Thirdly, after-sales service, we basically do not worry too much about this part. First, there are fewer problems with the products and there are guarantees. Second, when there are problems, the after-sales service department of Acordo Company will solve them in time. Especially in the spare parts section, whenever we feed back the problem to the technical after-sales personnel of the manufacturer, we will give the corresponding solution on the same day and send out the spare parts.

Needless to say, the market is the best test for good products. I hope that IKEDO Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. can continue to cooperate and make progress together. Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.