China Sports Expo 2013 (Part II)

Time:2013-04-17 08:18:21

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's sports industry, athletes have also made proud achievements in the international arena. In the process of improving people's living standards, they pay more and more attention to their own physical exercise and enjoy the fun of sports. Sports and fitness industry is developing vigorously. From May 31 to June 3, 2013, China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) held in Beijing, China. China International Sports Goods Fair (31st session) was held with the theme of "win-win responsibility and confidence". China International Sporting Goods Fair has been successfully held for 30 sessions. Each event has made great achievements in all aspects and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of China's sports goods. The Expo will not only serve enterprises and sports goods industry, but also reflect on how to better serve the people's lives, the cause of fitness for the whole people and the society in the current social and economic changes. The Expo will continue to fulfil its social responsibility in organizing various activities and publicizing sports as a part of life, meeting the growing material and spiritual and cultural needs of the people, popularizing sports knowledge and establishing the concept of healthy life. In this process, I believe that more people understand the industry and the importance of fitness for themselves. At present, the preparatory work for the 2013 Sports Expo has been started for two months. At that time, Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. will also participate in the Expo. I hope to discuss the development and future of China's sporting goods industry with our customers and friends, and also hope to have more cooperation opportunities with more friends from all over the country. Http:// Aikodo fitness equipment limited company's brand treadmill has been developing well in recent years, and has won the favor of many consumers in terms of product quality and service. At that time, I hope more friends will know about our company's products. Exhibition booth: E3A009 Pavilion participated in the 31st Beijing Sports Expo. Our booth area is 112 square meters, 16 square meters long and 7 meters wide.