Diet Slimming: Six Big Weight Loss Vegetables and Fruits Drive Out Fat Meat in Summer

Time:2013-06-25 04:15:20

1. Celery, the skinny champion, has a high fiber content. Therefore, when eating celery, women need to chew hard to drive the movement of facial muscles. A celery tree contains only about 4 to 5 calories, but chewing it consumes 5 to 8 calories. In the process of celery entering the intestine and stomach, it consumes about 5 calories in the body. In this way, women need more calories to digest celery than celery itself can provide. Celery can be described as a "leaner and leaner" food, and it has a wonderful effect on lean face. 2. The thin thigh champion, white radish, like a camel's hump, is used to store nutrients for the body. Human thighs are also used to store energy for the occasional need of "warehouse". Therefore, women's thighs are particularly easy to accumulate fat. The spicy ingredient of white radish, mustard oil, can promote the metabolism of fat substances and avoid the accumulation of fat under the skin. This function is not comparable to any kind of vegetable or fruit. It's perfectly appropriate for women to use the effect of white radish to cope with thigh fat. 3. Slim waist champion - strawberry if you want to lose the waist "lifebuoy", you can often eat some strawberries. Strawberries contain a magical substance called aspartic acid. This substance can naturally and smoothly help women remove the excess water in the waist, slowly dissolve the fat accumulated in the waist, help the body eliminate fat and detoxify, and make you easily become a "small waist essence".