Skills and Experiences of Reducing Weight on treadmill

Time:2013-10-17 08:01:56

Running machine weight loss tips Aikodo treadmill market investigators said that weight loss for many people is not a new thing, what is the most effective way to lose weight, what is the most labor-saving way to lose weight, these are often discussed around us. Recently, he found that many people are interested in treadmills. In fact, there are some colleagues around me who buy treadmills for themselves or their families. It is convenient and effective to lose weight with treadmills. They don't need to rely on too much dietary control to keep fit. Running on treadmills for more than half an hour a day can achieve the goal of burning fat. In the past, weight loss was not a concern. In addition, the humanized regulation function of treadmill also brings more scientific procedures and processes for weight loss. I have a lot of beautiful women around me to participate in the troop of treadmill weight loss, some people are actually not fat, weight loss is purely to find psychological comfort. Previously, the way they often used to lose weight was basically to control their diet, that is, try not to eat high calorie foods, such as ice cream, which is absolutely taboo, and that is not to eat dinner. Such a way of losing weight does have the effect, but it is undoubtedly too painful for many food, a two-day diet can be tolerated, long-term can not insist on, and often a full meal of hunger is easy to rebound. In addition, Edo found that many times, weight loss people choose to run in the gym, but most of the time, we do not know how to use the treadmill for effective exercise, how long to run, divided into several stages, only know that the belt rolling along with the treadmill constantly running, boring and silly. In fact, running exercise can not only play a good exercise effect of body building, more importantly, running can also improve cardiopulmonary function. Warm-up 10 minutes into the state of motion time: 1 minute - 10 minute heart rate: (220 - age) * 30% slope: 0 degree speed: 6 km / hour - 7 km / hour first slow walk for 5 minutes, then gradually transition to the state of big stride and fast walk, fast walk time is also 5 minutes. The main purpose of big stride and fast walking is to make every muscle of the body participate in the movement through the movement of large swing of upper limbs and thighs, and every nerve quickly enters the state of motion. There will be a certain amount of joint fluid as lubricant in the joints of the limbs. Large-span movement of the legs and large-scale swing of the upper limbs will strengthen the grinding of each joint of the limbs, so that the joint fluid can play a better role in lubrication. At the same time, there is a good chance to adjust your pace, posture and breathing during the warm-up phase. If you adjust it after the acceleration starts, you will find that the high-speed treadmill makes your pace cramped and your breathing chaotic. In this case, you may stop running for a short time. Jogging 20 minutes activate each muscle time: 11 minutes - 30 minutes heart rate: (220 - age) x 40% speed: 8 km / hour - 10 km / hour slope: 0 - 10 degrees after 10 minutes of warm-up, activate the body muscle, each nerve is in an exciting state, each cell is ready to start, waiting for a sweating pain. When jogging, it is necessary to raise the gradient of the treadmill to about 10 degrees. Many people will misunderstand that on a treadmill with gradient, sports will make the calf stronger and the calf muscles will develop horizontally. In fact, on the contrary, because of the gradient, the calf muscles are pulled upward, which will not make the calf thicker, but will make the calf longer. The best example is Momei in Sichuan. If you have female friends from Sichuan, you will find that no matter what their upper body shape is, their legs are slender, long and solid. This is because they live on hilly roads everywhere, just like we walk or jog on a treadmill with gradient every day. If we are still running on a treadmill with a gradient of 0 after entering the jogging stage, we will have a great impact on our knees and patella at the moment when our feet land after taking off. 20 minutes fat burning time: 31 minutes to 50 minutes heart rate: (220-age) *60% speed: 10 km/h-12 km/hour slope: 0-10 degrees after gradual acceleration, now is the time to enter the medium-speed running, the time and intensity of the medium-speed running should be guided by professional coaches, if the medium-speed running can be maintained for more than 15 minutes, it can completely reach the strong. The purpose of physical fitness. At this stage, we must pay attention to maintaining body balance, bend our elbows in front and back of the waist, swing arms, speed up the breathing rate, take the initiative to breathe, abdominal muscles take the initiative to participate in breathing, two eyes look straight ahead, head straight. Medium-speed running is to enter the stage of fat burning. After the first 20 minutes of exercise, the glycogen stored in the body has been decomposed. At this time, to continue large amounts of exercise, we need to hoard fat in the body to supplement physical fitness, to achieve the purpose of fat consumption, it seems to feel how smooth fat seeps out from the skin of the abdomen, thighs and even arms. At the same time, the abdomen from the beginning of running continued abdominal closure, which is very helpful to shape the abdominal muscles, and long-term adherence to the effect of treadmill weight loss is very obvious. Slow down steadily for 10 minutes. Gradual relaxation time: Heart rate from 51 minutes to 60 minutes: (220-age)*30% speed: 6 km/h slope: 30-10-0 degree end part will gradually decrease.