Summer Running Suggestion: Predict Weather and Drink More Water and Sunscreen

Time:2013-06-14 04:20:06

A beautiful beginning of summer! Your summer running list: sunrise in the morning; clear and cloudless; breeze on your face; comfortable running shoes. For runners, summer is always loved and hated. You should run regularly during this season. Here are some suggestions for a pleasant summer. Running in summer should be good at predicting the weather in summer - with birds singing around, the temperature is more suitable, and the night is longer. Summer may be the best time of the year. Morning running can avoid the hottest time of the day and has better visibility, which is also a good choice for tired people who get up early. Morning runs also seem to fall into several categories. Some people are listless and some believe that running in the morning can make them perseverant runners. Whatever your situation, the summer morning and evening are cooler and more comfortable, and you will have more choices (that is, during the day). Of course, the weather in any season can not be predicted, you can first look at the weather forecast, and then make training plans. Just as winter running requires proper training methods and proper clothing, summer running should also be carefully considered. For example, long distance running in hot weather should be avoided. Wear sweat-proof clothes. Sweat-proof fabrics are fabrics that absorb sweat from the skin. This is a useful feature of modern sportswear. Sweat-proof fabrics can prevent sweat from sticking to the skin and minimize the risk of problems caused by sweat or dampness, such as skin inflammation. All ASICS garments have this characteristic. Suitable for summer running equipment should include sweat-proof clothing and sports pants. It's also good to choose light-colored clothes in summer, because light-colored clothes can reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays and are cooler than dark-colored clothes. Sunscreen is a must in order to protect the skin, you should apply a waterproof sunscreen (remember: you sweat!). Carry a small bottle of sunscreen with high sunscreen ingredients in your pocket to ensure that you don't get sunburn during long runs. Sunscreen has many uses and is a good tool for training safety. You don't usually train when you are injured, nor should you neglect your skin. Drink plenty of water to replenish lost water. Many related materials have been published, from which you can learn when and how much water you should drink before and after running. Of course, we only advise you to keep hydrated, but how often do you drink water, how much do you drink at a time, and what kind of water do you drink? The International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA) has issued official guidelines on runner hydration, which concludes that people should drink when they feel thirsty. Just as water shortage can lead to dehydration, excessive drinking can make runners feel nauseous and disoriented, because excessive water intake dilutes salt levels in the blood. As for the best drink for running, IMMDA recommends respecting common sense. Because you lose water when you run (through sweating), you need to drink water to replenish it. Only in long-distance running, you need to consider drinking sports drinks to supplement salt and sugar, because sports drinks contain a variety of active ingredients. Happy training, first of all, no matter in which season, only with a good mentality, can we carry out effective training. If you really don't like running, no matter how healthy you are, running is of little use. Fortunately, it's easy to get the idea in summer: we should face it squarely. If you don't want to go out to enjoy the sunshine, feel the cool of the forest, and explore the streets that just wake up in the summer morning, you must be a real lazy person. What's the use of sunscreen for you?