The Employees'Perception of Ecdot

Time:2013-05-23 04:04:26

It's been two years since I joined ICODO. It's a bit difficult to adapt to the new environment at the beginning. But my colleagues have given me a lot of help in life and work. They have slowly integrated me into this big family and found a sense of satisfaction in the new environment. In terms of work, I feel the leadership of the company strives for excellence, continuous innovation and meticulous care for employees, so on the first day of entry, I saw the overflowing self-confidence on the faces of employees. I feel very lucky to be a member of ICDO Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. and I am very proud to be a member of the company. I believe this kind of pride makes me more passionate to work. At the beginning, as a new employee entering a new working environment, he said that although he had learned various professional knowledge in the past school, he had accumulated some work experience in his previous work, but when I first entered the company, I was still a little pressure, a little strange, totally in a confused state, in order to enable me to enter the working state and adapt to the working environment as soon as possible. I took the initiative to greet my colleagues and consult with every leader. At the same time, I eliminated the strangeness between superiors and subordinates. With their help, they quickly got out of the shadow of tension and depression. I also learned all kinds of professional knowledge needed for my work and improved my professional ability and level. In the future work process, I not only need to learn, but also give full play to their advantages, with the help of the company to give me a platform to enhance their ability in all aspects, but also to create greater benefits for the company. The development of the company is the development of each of us. I believe that I have the ability to seize the opportunity and meet the better future with Acodo.