Warming up before running is better for burning fat

Time:2014-04-24 12:00:00

If muscle stimulation is given before running for about 10 minutes, the burning efficiency of fat can be improved. After muscle strength exercise, the body secretes growth hormone, which can increase the enzymes of fat decomposition in the body, so that fat can be burned more efficiently. Doing squats or abdominal exercises for about 10 minutes will be very effective. Although it may be a little tiring, breathing can improve fat burning after aerobic exercise. Take a break after a muscle workout and start running after breathing is restored. Fat burns quickly. Running at a rhythm that allows you to talk does not mean that the faster you run, the faster fat will burn. It is important to provide sufficient oxygen for the blood and muscles to burn fat. Therefore, running at a non-wheezing pace for a long time will be more effective. In 20 minutes of running more than 20 minutes, most of the sugar is consumed in the form of energy, not fat. After 20 minutes, fat will be consumed in large quantities. Therefore, it is important to run more than 20 minutes at a rhythm of speaking if you want to burn fat. Running on an empty stomach is the state in which food is being digested. Running on an empty stomach can burn fat at the beginning, especially if you run before breakfast in the morning. However, during the period of excessive weight loss and diet control, if you barely run, you will soon lose your physical strength. So it's important to eat a balanced diet while running, and not to be too reluctant. Warm Tip: People who have stomach disease or are not used to running on an empty stomach suggest not running on an empty stomach. Just follow the other three principles. The effect of fat burning is also very good.