Girls pay attention to details on treadmills

Time:2013-09-29 12:00:00

(1) Even if you practice treadmill at home, you should wear sportswear and sneakers to practice, not barefoot. (2) In the course of practice, it is best to supplement a certain amount of water every 15 minutes, but not too much. (3) Do not walk backwards on the treadmill. (4) The number of training should not exceed four times a week, and an hour after meals is preferable. (5) Training intensity should not be too strong, not necessarily to practice sweating, such effect is not necessarily good, friends with heart disease or hypertension should not use treadmills in large quantities of exercise, indoor air should be maintained unblocked, air conditioning should not be too low. (6) If you practice treadmill to reduce fat, you can cooperate with abdominal strength training during the exercise, such as sit-ups. (7) Exercise treadmill is not one or two days to see the effect of exercise, to cooperate with other outdoor aerobic exercise, in peacetime to pay attention to reducing the intake of high-fat food, smoking friends during the exercise to reduce the number of smoking, the United States EXDO Edo Group Co., Ltd., is a set of fitness equipment research and development, production, marketing and promotion, brand operation as one. International professional sports fitness equipment group, engaged in treadmill, household treadmill production, is a professional treadmill agent in China, treadmill joining the preferred manufacturers.