Common problems and maintenance methods of treadmill

Time:2013-08-24 07:59:02

1. The electronic meter does not display - possible reasons: 1. The control line is not connected properly; 2. The transformer on the drive board is broken down; 3. The safety tube is burned down; 4. The power tube is burned down; - Solutions: 1. Inspecting the wiring heads; 2. Replacing the drive board; 3. Replacing the drive board; 4. Replacing the drive board. 2 Key failure - Possible reasons: 1. Key aging; 2. Key board loosening; - Solutions: 1. Replace key; 2. Lock key board. 3. Incomplete display - possible reasons: 1. poor contact of LCD; 2. aging of LCD; - solutions: 1. locking the fixed screw of PCB; 2. replacing the electronic watch. 4 Heart beat can not be tested - possible reasons: 1. Heart beat ear clip damage; 2. Heart beat circuit board damage; - Solutions: 1. Replace ear clip heartbeat; 2. Replace heartbeat circuit board. 5 Display flicker - Possible reasons: 1. Poor contact of control line; 2. Electrostatic interference; - Solutions: 1. Connect control line well; 2. Grounding line is not well connected. EXDO Aikodo Group Co., Ltd. is an international professional sports fitness equipment group, which integrates research, development, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of fitness equipment. It is engaged in the production of treadmills and household treadmills. It is a professional treadmill agent in China. It is the first choice manufacturer for treadmills to join in.