You can't hurt your waist if you make a mistake on the treadmill

Time:2013-08-21 05:21:21

For many busy workers, treadmills are time-saving and effective fitness partners. But you may not imagine that treadmills have become the main cause of many sports injuries. According to the statistics of Paradise Hospital in the first quarter, more than ten patients with lumbar injury caused by improper exercise on treadmill have been treated in clinic. Xiao Wang is a white-collar worker in a company. He works very hard every day. In order to improve his physical fitness, he bought a treadmill at the suggestion of his friends. No matter how late he goes home, he can exercise by himself. At the beginning, before each exercise, he also does some warm-up exercises, such as pressing legs, flexing and stretching joints, squatting, etc. But over a long period of time, he omits and directly. When he got on the treadmill, he accelerated. As a result, one day, when he was exercising on the treadmill, his feet suddenly became weak, and he fell off the treadmill. Because of the fast speed of the treadmill adjustment, he could not stand up again after falling to the ground. With the help of his friends, he was sent to the orthopaedics department of Tianjin Paradise Hospital for treatment. Experts used reset, massage and other hands. Duan quickly relieved Xiao Wang's symptoms, but experts reminded him to stop running on the treadmill. EXDO Aikodo Group Co., Ltd. is an international professional sports fitness equipment group, which integrates research, development, manufacture, marketing and brand operation of fitness equipment. It is engaged in the production of treadmills and household treadmills. It is a professional treadmill agent in China. It is the first choice manufacturer for treadmills to join in.