Breathing methods used in bodybuilding training

Time:2013-06-26 04:20:02

The breathing method used in bodybuilding training provides the necessary oxygen for human body. Accurate breathing method can make you exert more strength, help you concentrate on completing the movement, make the movement coordinated and rhythmic, and prevent injury. (1) Two basic breathing methods: muscles inhale while contracting forcefully and exhale when stretching and restoring. The muscles exhale when they are forced to contract and inhale when they are stretched and restored. These two opposing breathing methods have been discussed by many experts in practice in the past decades, but both of them have the same requirement, that is, in the process of exertion, to avoid taking longer breathing. (2) In bodybuilding and fitness, the general breathing method is the second breathing method in the extreme weight of life: before the movement starts, take two or three deep breaths first. Inhale at the beginning of the movement until "peak contraction" or when the action is in place, i.e. make a very short exhalation first, followed by a continuous short inhalation, until the movement is close to the previous stage of recovery or when the exhalation is restored. According to the breathing method of human physiological phenomena: no matter in which movement, when the chest ribs and lungs are expanding, "inspiration" is used, and when the chest ribs and lungs are in the compression position, "exhalation" is used. This method of breathing, so that the lungs will not be compressed or breathing phenomenon. During the whole process of movement, the breathing method as a breathing unit is from the beginning position to the completion position. It is "breathing" at the beginning of the movement, and "breathing" when it returns to more than the middle or the last third.