EXDO Exercise Summer Camp is in full swing

Time:2013-06-25 03:52:12

With the acceleration of life rhythm, more and more people pay little attention to their health, and seldom have time to participate in fitness exercises. They neglect their health problems and cause some occupational diseases. The plan of Aikodo fitness summer camp activities is formulated by a team of senior fitness experts in accordance with scientific, reasonable and feasible principles. According to the different physique of each participant, different fitness methods are adopted. Through three different stages of health assessment, closed sports training and outdoor fitness, the river of innovation is opened. We should not only keep fit, but also eliminate sub-healthy constitution and sub-healthy psychology which affect our positive state of mind. This activity is sponsored by Yongkang Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. In the process of fitness summer camp, we combine indoor fitness with outdoor fitness to achieve pleasant fitness and happy fitness. At the same time, this activity will be divided into two teams in a competitive way, launching a series of activities, so that everyone can actively participate in the whole process of fitness. The team that wins the final victory will get one of the latest EXDO-500 treadmills, not one, provided by the Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. It is one for each member of the winning team. No mistake. Yes, one for each member!