Ecdot Intelligent Treadmill Helps Leaders in Physical Fitness

Time:2013-05-26 10:16:05

The 31st Sports Expo will be held in Beijing New International Exhibition Center from May 31 to June 3. 1200 enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy, have signed up for the exhibition. During this year's Expo, the organizers will hold six kinds of thematic activities, including official events, high-end forums, interactive experiences, performance exhibitions, business negotiations and simultaneous meetings. At that time, Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. will also take the latest intelligent treadmill EX-900 and other new treadmills for the vast number of distributors and consumer friends. At the beginning of the launch of the new EX-900 treadmill, many customers and friends had already reached an order contract with Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. several months ago, and kept high expectations. Now the society is facing the era of intelligence, treadmill is not limited to running. According to the principle of scientific fitness, combined with the current high-tech technology and humanistic spirit, Aikodo fitness equipment Co., Ltd. carries out humanized design, scientific guidance, intelligent operation of Aikodo brand treadmill, and provides personalized exercise program, replacing traditional keys with touch. In the process of experiencing fitness, not only speed, time, distance, calorie consumption and heart rate calculation will be displayed, but also multi-functional sports methods such as sit-ups, massage functions will be added, so as to truly achieve a multi-purpose machine, simple operation scenario mode, so that many consumers who are not familiar with the treadmill can quickly grasp the essentials of sports and avoid accidental injuries in fitness. At home, we can easily achieve the desired fitness effect and truly achieve national fitness. In recent years, IKEDO fitness equipment Co., Ltd. has maintained the momentum of rapid development. IKEDO brand treadmills have been unanimously recognized by the vast number of consumers in terms of product quality and service. The company constantly improves products and services through technological innovation, and is determined to build a leader in China's fitness industry. Ai Keduo looks forward to meeting you at Beijing Sports Expo 2013. Exhibition booth of Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd: E3A009 Hall