A lifelong exercise program for you

Time:2013-03-25 08:30:25

The benefits of sports are well known, but it is unlikely that ordinary people will only do the same kind of sports all their lives and never get tired of it. On the other hand, after all, the years are ruthless, and the older people can not jump and jump as much as the younger ones and endure the same amount of sports when they are young and bitter. So, for those who want to exercise, how should they match and choose the right way to exercise at different stages of their lives? A training expert in the United States recently designed a lifetime fitness program that will make it possible for you to find the right way to exercise from your 20s until the year of Ershun. Let you benefit from sports. The following is the specific plan: 1. 20 years old can choose high impact aerobic exercise, running or boxing and other sports. For your body, the advantage is that it consumes a lot of energy, strengthens the muscles of the whole body, and improves the coordination of energy, endurance and hands and eyes. Psychologically, these exercises can help you relieve external pressure, temporarily forget your daily chores and achieve a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, running also has the advantages of stimulating creativity and training self-discipline, while boxing is more suitable as a "vent" besides the advantages of cultivating confidence, restraint and the ability to face conflicts. Choose rock climbing, skateboarding, skating or martial arts for fitness in your mid-30s. In addition to losing weight, these exercises enhance muscle elasticity, especially in the buttocks and legs; they also contribute to vitality and endurance, and improve your sense of balance, coordination and sensitivity. Psychologically, rock climbing can cultivate meditative concentration, help you build self-confidence and strategic thinking; skating is pleasant, exciting, but unforgettable; martial arts can help you stay calm, self-improvement and alert in conflict, and can also effectively enhance the degree of concentration. 3.40 years old choose low impact aerobic exercise, hiking, climbing stairs, tennis and other sports. The advantage to the body is to increase physical strength, strengthen the elasticity of lower body muscles, especially the legs, such as climbing stairs can not only sweat fitness, but also very suitable for busy city workers to practice close to each other every day. Tennis is a very suitable whole body exercise, which can increase the sensitivity and coordination of various parts of the body and keep people energetic. At the same time, the pressure on joints is not as great as running and high impact aerobic exercise. Psychologically, these exercises are refreshing, relaxing, tense and stressful. Taking climbing stairs as an example, climbing up and down regularly is often a good way to control oneself and restore a stable mood. Similarly, tennis can not only play social role, but also cast aside pressure and misconceptions, train concentration, judgment and sense of time. Suitable sports in the 4.50's include swimming, weight training, boating and golf. Swimming can effectively strengthen the muscles and elasticity of all parts of the body, and because of the buoyancy support of water, it is not as hard as land sports, especially suitable for convalescents, pregnant women, rheumatism thinking and older people. Weight training can firm muscles, strengthen bone density, and improve other sports ability; while when dealing with golf, if you can walk on your own, carry the ball bag on your back, and speed up your footsteps, it often has the effect of stabilizing the heart-stolen function. Psychologically, swimming is both exciting and calming, and concentrating on rowing can make people forget distractions; weight training can help improve self-image satisfaction, let stress and irritability vent with sweat; team rowing can foster teamwork and teamwork; golf can make people more attentive and self-disciplined. Over 5.50 years of age, introduce you to take more walks, ballroom dances, yoga exercises or helium sports in water. Walking can strengthen legs and help prevent osteoporosis and joint tension; ballroom dancing can enhance the sense of rhythm, coordination and elegance of the whole body, which is very suitable for people who do not exercise very often to choose to try; Yoga function makes the whole body more elastic and balanced; can prevent physical injury; aerobic in water mainly enhances muscle strength and body elasticity, suitable for obesity, pregnant women or the elderly and the weak. These are not intense sports, but besides fitness, their greatest function is to make people feel refreshed, interesting, and social, which is a good way for the elderly to maintain a young mentality.