How to use treadmill correctly

Time:2014-04-17 12:00:00

Outdoor air quality is not ideal, many fitness fans prefer to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. Seemingly simple treadmill, do you really use it correctly? Many people are accustomed to running with the chest arch back, the body's center of gravity forward, will increase the pressure of the lumbar spine, a long time will cause lumbar strain. In addition, the impact of landing shocks on the sole of a person's foot is almost five times the weight of the body. The forward tilt of the center of gravity will bring greater impact on the legs and joints of the foot. Over time, discomfort will occur. Therefore, when exercising on the treadmill, we must tighten the abdomen, chest and back muscles. Incorrect arm swing will also cause physical discomfort, do not swing the arm left and right, which will cause the center of gravity to swing left and right, have adverse effects on the knee joint, in the treadmill exercise to swing the arm forward and backward. Someone runs with a loud noise, which is likely to land directly with the sole of his foot. The direct landing of the sole of the foot will transmit the reaction of the ground to the human body through the bone to the spine and brain, which is why some people feel uncomfortable after exercising on the treadmill. Should follow the arc transition from heel to sole landing mode, as gently as possible landing. Also pay attention to breathing adjustment and timely water replenishment, preferably three steps one breath, three steps one inhalation; when you exercise, you should drink 10-16 degrees boiled water, pure water or electrolyte beverage, which is good for heart health.