How do thin people exercise their muscles?

Time:2013-07-02 03:17:28

How to train lean people's muscles (for beginners) is a good wish for every fitness trainer to get a beautiful body through bodybuilding training. However, this requires a practical and feasible way to help you, so that you can walk less or not take detours, so as to successfully achieve the realization of good wishes! I'm here to offer you a great way to "practice meat". To illustrate this problem, let me give you an example to help you understand: one day in the gym I was lifting barbell training, a fitness friend came up and exclaimed, "Hey, what a heavy weight!" When I heard the obvious layman's words, I frowned and smiled faintly. Friends are good intentions, in order to enter friendship. However, this is obviously not bodybuilding, it is misleading! ____________ In the gym, we can see healthy friends who are poisoned by such misleading everywhere. They forgot that they were "practicing meat" and were obsessed with heavy weights. Especially when several people came together to practice together, they labeled each other vigorously: "You lift more, I lift more than you do!" So I forgot that I was practicing meat, or I didn't know how to practise meat at all. At the beginning, the boastful friend I talked about only saw the result, but did not see the process. What is the process? Now the reason why this weight is so big is that it is increased little by little by little from my first practice. Just like my developed muscles, they grow little by little with weight. At first I was just a weak bookworm. Weight gain is for muscles! Without weight gain, muscles will not grow. But we don't train Hercules only for strength. Our goal is to "train meat" and Hercules'training is absolutely different. They practice strength through weight, mainly strength: while we train muscle through weight, mainly muscle. At the same time, we also see the result that Hercules'muscles are definitely not as good as bodybuilding stars! We should never put the cart before the horse, neglect the muscles and pursue heavy weight. In the gym, we see a lot of healthy friends who have been practicing for many years, but they are not very good at it. That's the key. Please remember the following sentence and appreciate it carefully. Because for a beginner, it is the essence of bodybuilding. It will lead you to success and glory. This sentence is: bodybuilding training is a muscle against weight and overcome weight exercise! Here we put muscle in the first place, in order to emphasize muscle-based. Therefore, in the process of training, you must always focus on muscles. Don't pursue weights, quantities, schedules and other less important things; that is, don't put the cart before the horse! If you catch this feeling, you have to stick to it. You have to feel it every time you try to lift. If you go on and develop good training habits, you will be on the road to success. By capturing this feeling, you get the essence of bodybuilding training. Training other muscles, such as triceps, deltoid, pectoral, abdominal, latissimus dorsi, quadriceps femoris, tripods femoris, calf muscles, etc., should mainly capture this feeling (i.e. meat training), and with the increasing weight, you will soon see the effect! There are a lot of theories about bodybuilding, which will make you confused and at a loss. As long as you seize this one, you will catch the king first by "catching thieves, catching the king first", and you will have a chance to catch the other. At the same time, as you practice, experience and summarize, you will be more and more successful and achieve brilliant results.