Power system of treadmill

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

The power system of the treadmill, like the power system of the automobile, is the core of the machine, which directly determines the cost and function of the equipment. Here is an example of an electric treadmill. The power system of the treadmill mainly depends on the motor of the treadmill. The running belt is driven by it. Depending on the quality and horsepower, it can determine the quality and positioning of a treadmill. The horsepower of motor is divided into sustained horsepower and peak horsepower. The sustained horsepower refers to the power at the time of continuous output. In fact, it refers to the power at the time of running. The peak horsepower refers to the maximum starting power at the beginning of driving the running belt and the roller, and then it will be restored to the sustained power output. It is only the power at the moment and has no high reference price. Value, peak horsepower is usually significantly higher than the motor's sustainability, sustainability helps you better determine which treadmills are better suited to your needs. For example, the Iconodic 19711 treadmill, which has a sustained horsepower of 3.25CHP, is suitable for running fanatics or small fitness clubs. Its motor can be stable on slopes and at high speeds, and can be used continuously for longer periods of time. Its peak power can reach 5HP at boot time. Comparatively, the Iconoford 99711 treadmill has a 2.5 CHP motor, which is more suitable for joggers. It is very difficult to buy a treadmill suitable for jogging at a very cheap price. If the output horsepower of a treadmill is less than 1.25, the general power is insufficient, and it is difficult to maintain a long jog. It is only suitable for jogging, and it is even necessary to control the use time and the user's weight. There is a sign that the quality of motors is often reflected in the degree of motor warranty. The treadmills with motor under 3-year warranty generally lack high-quality assurance. When choosing a treadmill, according to your different exercise habits, we recommend following the guidelines to choose the horsepower of the motor. If you exceed 90 kg (180 kg), Please add 0.5 HP fast walking 1.75-2.25 CHP jogging 2.25-3.0 CHP fast running 3.0 CHP above the vast sports fitness experts advise you: if the motor number is below this minimum, it is not recommended to buy, easy to malfunction in a short time. Many unscrupulous trademark motor horsepower is false, only the peak horsepower, not the sustained horsepower, so that consumers mistakenly think that the machine's horsepower is very high, basically the ratio of peak sustained horsepower to peak horsepower is about 0.5-0.75, the greater the horsepower gap. For example, sustained horsepower is 4.0, peak horsepower is about 8.0, the ratio is 0.5.