Spring shock absorber treadmill reduces knee wear

Time:2013-03-13 08:56:01

In metropolitan life, many people do not have time for outdoor exercise, so they are keen to run on the treadmill, but they do not know that it is easy to cause knee wear. Experts said that the "running knee" is now generally believed to refer to the process of running, because of repeated contact between feet and the ground, knee joint should bear the pressure of weight, but also cushion the impact from the ground, inadequate preparation, it is easy to damage the knee caused by sports injury. In fact, running outdoors for a long time can also cause knee injury. Previously, I have seen reports from relevant media that many people insist on running on treadmill every day to achieve the effect of shampooing, but after a long period of exercise, they will vaguely feel knee pain, and go to the hospital to check and find that the knee joint has been worn. Many people are too busy at work at ordinary times. They do some hard exercises on weekends to make up for the amount of exercise they do in a week. Many people have this idea when they exercise. So maybe this process has resulted in the loss of limbs, but we ordinary people can do some preparations and protective measures to avoid injury in normal exercise. Now there are many new technology treadmills on the market, which solve this problem very well. By installing silicone rubber shock absorber at the bottom of the treadmill, it can reduce the backlash between the running board and the foot. Nowadays, many kinds of treadmills, especially like some foreign brands such as Ai Keduo, add 8-spring shock absorber effect on the side, make running more comfortable, and the experience of the effect will not appear stiff. Appropriate running exercise will basically not cause damage to the knee joint. Ecdot brand treadmill, will be market-oriented treadmill and add spring shock absorber at the bottom, more effective. Multi-shock absorber treadmills are especially suitable for older people. Many experienced runners feel that the effect of running is as good as running on the grass, which has obvious effect on the protection of their joints and limbs. At the same time, we can also make full preparations before the exercise. In the exercise, we should take some necessary protective measures, such as wearing knee pads, wrist pads and other protective devices. Once you feel uncomfortable during the exercise, you should stop the exercise immediately. If there are obvious injuries, you should try to maintain a fixed position. You can take cold compress and other measures to deal with them urgently, and go to the hospital in time.