How to assemble a treadmill

Time:2013-06-14 04:12:13

Many consumers and friends, because they have not installed a treadmill before, after buying our ecco brand treadmill, it is inevitable that some problems will occur during the installation process. In fact, in the design of our treadmill, we have fully considered the details of some installations. Of course, there are still some problems, and we are constantly improving. First of all, the company's corresponding department has been installed for the relevant installation video, and on the uploaded network, if the consumer friend, do not understand, you can search on the network: Aikedo treadmill video, A related video link will appear. Or related technical issues can also be logged into our company's website or consult a dedicated after-sales department. In fact, in the process of self-installation, it is relatively simple, but pay special attention to the details to prevent the twisted screws and nuts. Before the installation is complete, the screws should not be too tight, because some problems will occur in the later installation process. Maybe the wrench tool that comes with our treadmill is not very easy to operate. You can use your own tools. After the entire installation process is completed, make sure that each place is securely installed, so that you will feel comfortable when you run. After the installation is complete, remember to bring the treadmill mat on the underside of the treadmill to reduce noise and prevent the treadmill from wearing on the ground.