Use and training methods of treadmill

Time:2012-09-18 05:21:14

The treadmill is still the most challenging fitness equipment. The treadmill enables the fitness worker to repeatedly climb stairs. It not only enhances the function of the cardiovascular system, but also fully exercises the thigh and calf muscles. However, people who are overweight or who have just touched the treadmill often feel exhausted after intense exercise. Reasonable combination of kinematics and nutrition principles, the formulation of professional and scientific sports plan, a few simple movements can achieve the effect of body-building, waist-slimming, leg-lifting and hip-raising at the same time! As long as you insist on using 15 minutes a day, you can maintain your existing perfect body shape, 3 minutes of exercise is equal to the amount of fat consumed by jogging for 3 hours, while burning fat, you can also help shape excellent! Elegant posture! The treadmill can automatically adjust the speed, weight and frequency of movement according to age and gender differences, and the amount and frequency of movement can be displayed on the LCD screen. You can watch TV, listen to music, phone while completing the burning of body fat, so that busy you do not have to dedicate time to the gym exercise, at home can easily achieve the purpose of fitness and weight loss. Usage: First step on the treadmill with the left leg or the right leg, then step on the other leg. With the swing of the fitness machine, the arm can be like running posture, left-right rotation, up-and-down and back-and-forth swing posture. With the waist twisting, to achieve the function of whole body movement, you can cooperate with the use of a strong stretcher to train the shoulder, back muscles or arms, so that the upper body lines can be more aerobic training. Practice methods: 1. Swing your arms, the higher the swing of your arms, the stronger the strength; 2. Crouch your lower body, do not let your knees bend over your toes, and then stand up straight, restore the state of exercise; 3. Hold the rope tightly, swing up and down; 4. Hold the rope tightly, one hand over the top of your head, and then with the other hand over the top of your head, the original hand down to the waist; The rope, when one foot steps, the corresponding hand stretches forward, the other hand is placed at the waist, and then with the step, the other hand stretches forward, the original hand is placed at the waist; 6. Hold the rope tightly, with the step, both hands extend to the side.