Experience treadmill movement mode

Time:2013-06-11 03:20:00

Treadmill exercise is a very popular way of fitness, more and more people join in to experience the fun of treadmill exercise. With the influx of fitness workers, how should beginners operate treadmills correctly? Below, Aikodo treadmill for some common problems to you. Firstly, it is easy to cause sports anemia by properly supplementing energy before treadmill exercise. Drinking a glass of juice or eating a banana before exercise can make you exercise energetically, but don't eat junk food, such as doughnuts. 2. Warming-up is very important. No matter what kind of sports you take part in, warming-up is indispensable. Starting with walking, warm-up is crucial, as is running on a treadmill. It is recommended to start with a 4-6 km/h walk and gradually transition to running. In addition, fast walking will make more use of fat function, and the effect of reducing fat is relatively better. 3. Choose the button of "fat-reducing mode" to choose the fast-start mode, and the treadmill will be forced to operate according to certain rules. Because the beginners'sports ability is not high, they are prone to danger and unnecessary burden; and the fast-start mode can adjust the intensity of exercise at any time, which is very suitable for beginners to choose. Fourth, pay attention to the body position and posture to stand in the middle of the running belt, too close to the front easy to step on the base, too close to the back easy to be thrown out, the results are not great; of course, do not lean left or right. Fifth, the treadmill slowly stops, although you try to move forward, but the body is always in place, which makes the brain a little confused, so just off the treadmill may feel dizzy, gradually slowing down the speed will not occur this situation.