Does your running opportunity make any noise?

Time:2013-06-27 03:27:56

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to health and keep exercising regularly. Running is the most common sport in our life. Many families have bought treadmills. For office workers, it is very convenient to keep fit and arrange fitness plans reasonably according to their own time. But now many treadmills on the market, in the process of fitness will produce a relatively loud voice, easy to influence the neighbors. The noise of treadmill is mainly caused by two factors. The first is that the running posture is not right, the sole of the foot landed directly, not only loud, the ground reaction to the human body will be transmitted through the bone to the spine and brain, so after running, you will feel dizzy. In addition, the running position with chest bow and back can also cause the running sound to be louder. The center of gravity behind the bow leans forward, so that when you step down and step on a foot, the strength will be greater than when you raise your head and chest. Moreover, in this running posture, the lumbar vertebral pressure will increase, but long time will cause lumbar vertebral strain. Therefore, when running on the fitness apparatus, one should raise his head and raise his chest, and the other should pay attention to landing on his heel and sole, and run every step carefully, without sound, and improve the exercise effect. Secondly, the reason for the treadmill is that there are many kinds of treadmills on the market nowadays, and few brand treadmills are really good at shock absorption. But the Ecdot brand treadmill has done a very good job in this respect, not only adding eight spring and silicone honeycomb dampers on both sides of the double-deck treadmill, but also adding large springs under the treadmill to upgrade the product, which makes the damper effect more outstanding. At the same time, in the process of purchasing treadmills, general merchants will give away running mats, basically no noise.