Some Ways of Daily Maintenance of treadmill

Time:2013-09-23 10:29:25

Although the treadmill is a noise-free product, if you do not maintain it properly in your daily life, it will reduce the service life of the treadmill. In order to prolong the service life of the treadmill and maintain the stability of the performance of the treadmill, I would like to give you the following daily maintenance suggestions, hoping to help you. 1. Clean treadmill on both sides of the treadmill bare leakage in the outer part of the running belt, must not accumulate debris, to maintain the plot of this part, to avoid the accelerated wear of the treadmill caused by debris between the treadmill board and the treadmill belt, when appropriate, soap and cleaning cloth can be used to clean the running belt, do not use detergent. Another thing to note is that after each use of the treadmill, sweat on the treadmill will be wiped clean, develop a good habit of regularly cleaning up the dust. 2. The regular lubrication of treadmills. The common household treadmills need to use lubricating oil. The commercial treadmills are usually waxed. For domestic treadmills, the general use of time is relatively short, the price of treadmills is much cheaper than commercial ones. Generally, the home treadmills have been coated with anti-static lubricant when they leave the factory. It is not necessary to add more than 100 hours before use. Later, when the treadmill is running for about 100 hours, the recommended home is the treadmill belt and treadmill. Lubricating oil is added between them. 3. The alignment of the treadmill belt may lead to the treadmill running deviation due to some reasons. At this time, we need to adjust the treadmill. In this previous article, how to adjust the running belt deviation of the home treadmill? As I said, you can go and have a look. 4. The daily maintenance of the hydraulic rod of the treadmill needs to be maintained once a month. The maintenance method is to lubricate the hydraulic rod with lubricating oil and tighten the screw at the same time.