Ecdot Brand Running Machine Assembly Procedure

Time:2013-04-12 04:11:46

1. Adjust the standpipe to the upright state, fix the bottom with M8*15, M10*60 screw and nut: adjust the instrument handrail to the appropriate position, fix the instrument handrail on the standpipe with M8*25 screw at the upper side of the standpipe. 2. Installation of functional rack and massage machine: Place U-shaped tube on the convex platform of the middle end of the column tube, fix it with M8*40 screw and nut, and move the sheath on both sides of the U-shaped tube to the connection between the U-shaped tube and the column. Place the lower end of the functional rack at the hole in the middle of the chassis, place the cylindrical rubber pad in the middle, fix it with M8*60 screw, pass the M8*65 screw through the hole in the upper end of the functional rack and the middle part of the U-tube, tighten it with the nut, and fix the massage machine on the functional rack with M8*15 screw. Folding unfolding and folding right hand to hold the starting platform up, when heard the "click" sound that means the fuselage has been locked in the position where it should be, folding completed. Spread with your feet and gently click the air spring inward. Hold your right hand on the runway and gently press it downward. The runway will automatically land slowly, that is, unfold. When moving, make sure that the treadmill is folded and locked, grasp the handle, tilt the treadmill backward, and then use the moving wheel on the base to move. When the treadmill is assembled and adjusted horizontally, it is necessary to adjust horizontally and twist the adjusting footpad under the base so that the base can be placed smoothly without shaking. The power switch first plugs the treadmill plug into the power socket, and presses the switch button at the position of "I" to start the treadmill. Safety switch safety switch is to prevent accidents. Before using, one end of the safety switch must be sucked on the safety lock position of the panel, the other end must be clamped on the practitioner's clothes, and it must be clamped to start the treadmill.