EXDO EKDO treadmill-further enhancing brand strategy

Time:2013-06-13 03:34:03

After nearly ten years of development, EXDO Ecdot treadmill has been recognized by the market. Consumers have a certain understanding of the Ecdot brand. In recent years, Ecdot fitness equipment Co., Ltd. has participated in international large-scale sports expositions and related large-scale activities, further expanding the brand awareness, especially in the expansion of foreign markets, and has also made relatively big breakthroughs. Fitness industry is a new type of market in the Middle East and Africa. It has a lot of market prospects and a large demand for treadmills. In recent years, the company has greatly expanded its business in these areas. At the same time, the cooperation in developed areas has also shown an obvious upward trend. In terms of products, Ekdo treadmill pays more attention to the quality of products, is good at the research and development of the essential function of treadmill-running fitness function, pays attention to details and quality supervision and control, emphasizes the design according to Asian body structure and ergonomics principle, through technical design, reduces the risk coefficient and potential harm to users in the process of sports, and further improves the product. Quality.