Troubleshooting of treadmill

Time:2013-04-15 08:51:15

The reason why the problem may occur is that the treadmill can not work A without plug in socket B without insertion of safety keys. The safety keys are embedded in panel C circuit signal system circuit break check controller input and signal line D power supply is not turned on. Running belt movement is not smooth A lubrication is insufficient. The methyl silicone oil lubricant B running belt is over-tightened to adjust the running belt tightening belt. Slip A Running Belt Over-Loose Adjustment Running Belt Over-Loose Adjustment Driving Belt Over-Loose Adjustment Electronic Meter Display Error E01A Motor Wire Replacement and Correction C Electronic Meter Signal Wire Contact Bad Reconnection D Electronic Fault Replacement Instrument E Controller Failure Replacement Instrument E Controller Overcurrent Protection Removal Method: After shutdown, start the machine, such as failure. Still exists, repairing E03 motor wire for connecting/power supply voltage less than 50% of rated voltage to reconnect the motor wire/Please operate under rated voltage - - safety switch is not placed properly to display abnormal external interference in the correct position, causing electronic meter to work disorderly, turn off the power switch, and one minute later turn on and run the electronic meter to show incomplete replacement of instrument at low speed and normal high speed. Question A may be subject to electrostatic interference to examine the problem of electrostatic discharge