Six Misconceptions about Weight Loss

Time:2013-03-07 09:28:42

Many people believe that 30 minutes of exercise a day can change their body shape. However, during aerobic exercise, you pant and sweat like rain, but your body fat is not moving. Why is that? The "Six Misconceptions of Failure in Losing Weight" recently published in the American Journal of Prevention may help you answer your questions. Myth 1: Pursuing "quantity" regardless of "type" high-intensity exercise may burn a lot of fat, but experts say that if you lazily grasp the handrail during the fitness process, the muscle will be less exercised, and the calorie consumption will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to body posture in fitness. Dr. James, a scientist at Mayo Clinic in the United States, said the posture of strength training was also crucial. Standing up and lifting dumbbells can consume 50 calories more every half hour. Keeping good posture also helps to breathe in more oxygen and feel more relaxed. Correction: Slow down and straighten up when you exercise. Myth 2: Insufficient water supply is undoubtedly very important for sports. Dr. Dan Jurdelson, a professor of kinesiology at California State University, said that every cell in the human body can't work properly without water. If you don't replenish water in time for exercise, fatigue will develop faster and exercise will be more laborious. The study found that when dehydrated, the repetitive movements in each group of strength training would be reduced by 3-5 times. Experts suggest that water should be replenished 1 - 2 hours before exercise. In addition, during and after exercise, a small mouth should be slowly added to a certain amount of water. Correction: Drink some water slowly 2 hours before exercise. Myth 3: Reading books on the treadmill, says Cooper Smith, a New York City fitness expert, distracts attention and reduces exercise intensity unconsciously. A survey found that reading books and newspapers during sports is only the tip of the iceberg, and one in ten people read text messages on their mobile phones during sports. Experts at Brunel University in London suggest that listening to rock and roll or pop music during exercise can prolong exercise time by 15% and make you feel better. Ecdot treadmill with the function of MP3, can let people enjoy the pleasure of music while exercising. Correction: Put down your books, listen to music bar misunderstanding 4: Choose "the most fat-reducing" exercise, no matter how attractive the calorie consumption indicators promised by fitness activities, if you feel that fitness is dull, then you can not really exercise, and the effect will not be ideal. Find a way to exercise that you like, and you won't feel compelled to exercise. Inviting friends to exercise together is also a good way to improve the fun of exercise. Correction: Choose an interesting aerobic exercise. Myth 5: Neglect strength training A new survey found that more than 80% of women rarely do strength training. This may be the number one cause of "weight loss failure". According to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, strength training promotes metabolism, while aerobic fitness and endurance training reduce food intake and consume 517 fewer calories per day than aerobic exercise alone. Correction: 3 instrumental exercises per week instead of gymnastics. Myth 6: Over-confidence in fat burning standards, many weight-loss advertisements are hyping, and the standard moisture of fat burning increases. Recent studies have found that dieters overestimate calorie consumption by an average of 30%. It is suggested to use heart rate monitor to measure the actual situation of calorie consumption in fitness. As long as you input information such as weight, height, age and exercise level, the monitor will display standard data for reference in the process of fitness. Correction: Heart rate monitor was used to monitor calorie consumption. (Chen Zonglun)