Outdoor fitness equipment use methods and matters needing attention

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

With the development of society, there will be more and more fitness methods for elderly friends in the community. Instrument fitness will also develop towards intellectualization, interesting and simplification. It is believed that with the continuous progress of community construction and the increase of public venues and facilities in the community, the community elderly fitness will usher in a new era, like blooming flowers, decorated with modern countryside, providing convenience for full-name fitness at any time and anywhere. But we also need to use it scientifically, otherwise the opposite will happen. We should not only move our bodies and bones, but also avoid harm, so as to achieve the goal of fitness. The target group is the public, outdoor fitness equipment in the device settings. Its universality makes it simple, easy to learn and quick to effect. But it is an instrument after all. It needs to grasp the basic essentials of operation, step by step in exercise, not show weakness and strength, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of human body and equipment. In this way, the ability to effectively prevent blindness caused by the operation of sports injury. In April this year, the national norm of "General Requirements for Safety of Fitness Equipment and Fitness Path" was approved by experts in Beijing. The "Fitness Path" has clear norms in terms of shape, structure design, static load capacity, stability, safety warning, equipment and site requirements, electrical safety, etc. to ensure safe use. When using the equipment, we should bear in mind that "Four Attentions" can properly increase the amount of exercise. Note 1: Do not exercise excessively. People who used to take part in physical exercise. It is generally advisable that the pulse should not exceed 110 beats per minute, and the maximum should not exceed 120 beats per minute. Old comrades who did not take part in physical exercises regularly or at all in the past should first choose sports suitable for themselves. Warm up for about 115 minutes. This prevents ankle twisting, waist twisting and nerve damage. Attention 2: Before exercising, we must make good preparations. If you sit on the ground and don't move. Note 3: Do some tidying activities after exercise. Because people dilate their capillaries after exercise. People's blood in the distal part of the body can not return to the heart, will feel the heart suffocation, hypertension and heart disease of the old comrades, after exercise, walk, buffer about 10 minutes. Do not leave less than 30 minutes. Attention 4: To master the exercise time. Old friends should exercise for about 40 minutes each time. Right should not exceed 1 hour. The community "fitness path" sports equipment is divided into four types. Instruments should also be noted at ordinary times: community "fitness path" fitness equipment can generally be divided into body structure exercise (also known as anaerobic exercise), aerobic exercise and body flexibility training three kinds. The use of these devices can assist people in the treatment of biomechanical diseases, energy overload diseases and neurological and psychiatric diseases. According to the functions of various kinds of equipment. High pressure does not mean good health. Suggestions should not be overwhelming. One is extension. Ribbed wooden frames, horizontal bars and other legged handlebars. This kind of exercise does not advocate that the elderly press their legs hard or lift their legs very high to press them. Because there is less water in the muscles and soft tissues of the elderly, the use of lower back trainers should also be very careful. There are also some elderly people with osteoporosis, which will damage the lumbar spine. Outdoor fitness equipment use tips 1: 1. When pressing the leg, lifting the leg too high will threaten the femoral head and spine of the elderly. 2. Do not use stretching training device as far as possible. When twisting the waist, move as slowly and gently as possible. Too fast twisting can lead to small muscle pull around the spine. 2. Twisting the waist type. The waist of the elderly is stiff. It will have adverse effects on the intervertebral disc and may lead to disc protrusion. Therefore, do lumbar twisting. At the same time, we should do our best, not to twist ourselves, especially not to exert too much. Turn 180 degrees. Tip 2: When twisting waist. Generally 34 seconds is safe for individual elderly people to use 12 seconds. Don't use explosive force. Some older people step up on space walkers. Third, aerobic equipment. Dr. He Zhijian said. Spanning between 160 and 180 degrees, using the space Walker as a "dynamic leg splitter" is quite dangerous because it may lead to hip ligament relaxation and dislocation. Dr. He suggested that older people should repeat more low-intensity aerobic exercise. If you don't pay attention, you may fall down. Tip 3: Don't swing on the same side of the space walker. This kind of play has no fitness effect. When playing, pay attention to the head backward. Riding bicycle is a kind of sports equipment suitable for the elderly. Pull back as far as possible. This will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis. Tip 4: People with herniated intervertebral discs must not ride a bicycle. But some veteran comrades play with this kind of instrument too fast. In a period of 360 degrees, the treadmill is also a suitable exercise equipment for the elderly. The average old friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in a second. Old friends with heart disease should be very careful. Tip 5: Too fast exercise will cause excessive exercise load on the heart. Fourth, strength equipment. There is no need for 60-year-olds to do it too fast or too aggressively. 1 the horizontal bar. The main purpose of the old people doing horizontal bars is to comfort their muscles. You don't have to make a hundred percent effort. People with moderate symptoms of intervertebral disc herniation can do moderate arm flexion on the horizontal bar, foot landing, and suspension of more than half body weight. Its function is equivalent to suspension traction. Don't hang your hands on the horizontal bar. 2. Push your legs in place. It is not suitable for elderly patients with patellar malacia. Tip 6: You can't be an old friend with a pull-up on the horizontal bar. Beware of dislocation of shoulder joint. Don't work 100% hard.