Respiratory abdominal thinning: 10 seconds, belly immediately concave

Time:2013-03-18 08:25:25

Basic Respiratory Slimming Abdominal Surgery (1) Lie flat on the abdomen breathing 1. Lie on the ground facing the smallpox, knees bent together, inhale deeply from the nose, maximize the expansion of the abdomen, put both hands on both sides of the abdomen, while exerting load on the transverse abdominal muscles. 2. Exhale from the mouth and let the abdomen recess as much as possible. Respiration repeats 3-4 times. Basic Respiratory Slimming Abdomen Surgery (2) Tighten pelvic floor muscles 1, kneel on both legs, feet facing back, toes bending and supporting, straightening the upper body and perpendicular to the ground, hands on both sides of the abdomen, moderately open the chest, inhale from the nose, tighten the buttocks, make the abdomen expand to the maximum extent, and as inspiration makes the upper body move up, the inner thighs also enter one. Step tighten. At, when exhaling, tighten pelvic floor muscles and make abdominal depression. The same is repeated 3-4 times. Daily Breathing Slimming Abdomen Surgery [1] Stand with the armrest in the carriage, raise the armrest with the left hand, hang the bag with the right hand, stand upright, pelvis stand up, right foot stand on the right side, heel off the ground, upper body slightly to the right, press the muscles of the right waist for 10 seconds, then change sides and do it again. Daily Breathing Slim Abdomen Surgery (2) Sit with your legs bent together, your legs 90 degrees, your back not leaning against the chair, your pelvis not relaxed, pull up and stand with your hands on your thighs. Exhale after inhalation, tighten the abdomen and breathe for 10 seconds. Daily Respiratory Slimming Abdomen Surgery (3) Home Towel Action 1. Stand with feet open to shoulder width, pelvis erect, upper body straight, arms up, hands holding the ends of the handkerchief, upper arm just holding ears. 2. Stand upright on both feet, heels off the ground, hands will further lift the handkerchief, make the whole body stretch upward, hold the position for a few seconds, heel landing, repeat 30 times, rest for 30 seconds, do three groups of the same action.