Safety system of treadmill

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

Whether it's fitness, entertainment, or work, safety is the first priority. The safety system of the treadmill is also an important index for choosing and purchasing the treadmill. It is also an important reference for judging the quality of a treadmill. The safety design of treadmill is mainly embodied in its shock absorption function. Most treadmills have a shock absorber design. The correct treadmill pedal shock absorber helps to reduce the impact between the joints, while you get exercise, it can better protect your joints, making training feel more comfortable. At present, shock absorber airbag, shock absorber air column, shock absorber air cushion and shock absorber are commonly used to reduce the vibration of treadmills in China. Usually, a number of rubber shock absorber columns are added under the running board to absorb the impact. According to the research of the well-known treadmill evaluation website in the United States, runners'sports habits are different and their running feet are different. Fast walking, jogging and older people like softer feet, such as the arc-shaped treadmill shock absorption technology of ICON Icahn treadmill in the United States; while runners who like fast running or long distance running generally prefer a harder feet, which will appear thicker and closer to the feeling of marathon running. This feeling can be felt on some thicker treadmills, such as Sole Sole in the United States.( Speed) treadmill. At present, the shock absorber principle of most domestic and even foreign treadmills is to fix the pedal with eight screws and add shock absorber in the middle of the screw. This method is mainly to make the machine stronger and longer service life, but it also exposes its congenital shortcomings, with a foot of eight rubber shock absorber columns to fix the pedal, is absolutely no confidence in the pedal material. Despite the use of shock absorbers, this iron and steel firm way makes the effect of shock absorption similar to nothing, customers can imagine the feeling of running. In short, the treadmill is a variety of people can always find a suitable one for themselves. Generally speaking, older people can choose mechanical treadmill, which is an active way of running. The speed of running is controlled by themselves. Users can walk, jog or run according to their own conditions. Young people can choose an electric treadmill, which is a passive way of running. According to their physical fitness, the first step is to set the running speed and force the trainer to follow it.