Master the Eight Key Points of Reducing Weight on the treadmill

Time:2014-05-07 12:00:00

Many people know that running every day helps to lose weight. But running is susceptible to the impact of the venue and weather, and weight loss plans can easily be disrupted. The emergence of treadmills has solved this problem. If you have a treadmill at home, you can carry out weight loss programs anytime, anywhere. But using treadmill to lose weight also needs to master certain skills, we must understand the main points and learn the correct running posture, otherwise not only can not run out of the S shape, but will make the calves become more and more strong. Running machine weight loss essentials: 1, eat something before use. Exercise on an empty stomach can lead to sports anemia. Drinking a glass of juice or eating a banana before exercise can give you plenty of physical exercise, but don't eat junk food, such as doughnuts. 2. Warm up before running. When we were young in physical education class, the teacher would let us do warm-up exercises first. Although many people are perfunctory when doing warm-up exercises, this can not deny the importance of warm-up exercises. Warming up before exercise can prevent muscle strain during exercise. So, before each run, stretch the leg muscles first to get the leg in its best condition, and then exercise. 3. The heel landed first. Many people choose to land on the sole of their feet when running, which is actually a wrong way to do it. If the sole of the foot landed first, it would not be hard to run and it would be easier, but it would make the calf stronger. So if you want to have slender calves, remember to let your heels land first and then your forefeet land. 4. Jogging is better for weight loss. Which way do you think is better for losing weight than jogging? If you choose to run fast, that's wrong. Although fast running can quickly consume body heat, but it will bring burden to the calf, and accelerate the growth of calf muscle, easy to make the calf thicker. In fact, when we run, the time we really start burning fat is after half an hour of continuous exercise, so jogging for 30 minutes or more is the most effective way to lose weight. 5. Running should pay attention to the best heart rate. Heart rate is a data that you must always pay attention to when running. This data can directly reflect your state of motion and the effect you can achieve. There is a formula for calculating the optimum heart rate range of aerobic exercise: (220-age)*60%/80%. For example, if you are 20 years old, 120 to 160 beats per minute is your best exercise heart rate fluctuation. That is to say, if you keep running in this range, it's best for fat burning and cardiovascular system strengthening. In addition, don't let your heart rate exceed your maximum heart rate when running. If it exceeds, please immediately slow down and let the heart rate return to its normal rhythm. 6. Stretch after running. After you finish running, don't stop to rest immediately. You can do some stretching exercises. Stretching exercises can not only relieve muscle tension after running, avoid causing muscle tension, but also effectively maintain leg shape. Although this step may seem dispensable, it actually contains a lot of usefulness, so we must not neglect it. 7. If you are practicing treadmill to reduce fat, you can cooperate with abdominal strength training during the exercise, such as sit-ups. 8. The effect of treadmill weight loss can not be seen in a day or two. We should cooperate with other outdoor aerobic exercise. We should pay attention to reducing the intake of high-fat food in peacetime. Smoking friends should reduce the number of smoking during the exercise.