Men are thin, exercise makes them strong.

Time:2013-07-01 03:25:24

1. Upper oblique bird adjusts the stool to about 40 degrees. Shoulders and arms are tightened inward. Arms are stretched upward. The tail of dumbbell sticks together for about 4 seconds. Then bend your arms down until the dumbbell and chest are on a horizontal line. Then lift the dumbbell and pay attention to the balance of the left and right arms. 2. Horizontal push is the most effective way to train the chest muscles. When pushing the barbell, pay attention to the stability of the joints. When lowering the barbell, the distance between the barbell body and the chest should be about centimeters. The pushing should be consistent and not stop. 3. Hold and pull the instrument narrowly with both hands tighter. The upper body can lean back slightly. Pay attention to chest pressure when pulling the handle downwards. 4. Bending boating is not a boating machine, or dumbbells. Put one hand and one knee on the stool, face forward, back straight, the other hand holding the dumbbell, slowly pull to the waist, maintain for 2 seconds, then slowly put down. 5. Load your belly and lie on the mat, bend your legs, hold dumbbells in your hands and put them on your chest, head off the ground. Then naturally lift your head and shoulders so that your arms are just off the ground. To avoid excessive tension in the neck muscles, you can use the tongue against the upper palate and breathe through the nose. How to eat: If you're worried about how to eat meat, pay attention to it. First of all, make sure you eat carbohydrates. Pasta is the most useful food. In addition, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits are all indispensable. First, drink milk, eat more carbohydrates for breakfast; second, eat more lean meat, fat meat will be exempted; third, choose not too greasy snacks, such as French fries, fried chicken, etc., orange juice is better than coffee; fourth, eat more vegetables, light taste is more conducive to eating more food and meat; fifth, eat healthy snacks, such as peanuts, sugar, potato chips are also good, drink beer and then fruit. Juice is a good idea.