How do treadmill agents choose brands?

Time:2013-07-01 04:35:17

According to the White Paper on the Development of Sports Goods Industry in China in 2012, the cumulative consumption income of major listed companies in footwear industry decreased by 29.69% year on year in 2012, while that of fitness equipment industry showed a good trend. Sales revenue increased year by year, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. More and more people begin to enter the fitness equipment market, but before entering the fitness market, we must choose some companies with better quality to cooperate. For the treadmill, we will focus on the introduction today. First, brand, big brand consumers have a high degree of awareness, consumers are easy to accept, in terms of product quality can be guaranteed, for people who are just starting to engage in fitness equipment industry has great advantages. Brand is an intangible asset that brings premium to the owner and produces value-added. Its carrier is the name, term, symbol, symbol or design and combination used to distinguish the products or services of other competitors. The source of value-added comes from the impression of its carrier formed in consumers'minds. Second, company size, company size and management are also very important. If the company has a high degree of scale, the company will operate quickly and efficiently. In the process of linking up with distributors'products, it is easy to deal with some problems. Third, after-sales, any product can not be separated from after-sales, through after-sales service to improve the credibility of enterprises, expand the market share of products, improve the efficiency and efficiency of marketing. Let more consumers accept our products. In today's fierce market competition, with the improvement of consumers'awareness of rights protection and the change of consumption concept, consumers not only pay attention to the product entity itself, but also pay more attention to the after-sales service of products with similar quality and performance. Therefore, while providing inexpensive and high-quality products, enterprises have become the new focus of modern enterprise market competition by providing perfect after-sales service to consumers.