Six Secret Books for Beginners of Fitness

Time:2013-05-06 04:24:33

Time: The best exercise time of the day is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Of course, besides professional athletes, most people have the busiest time in their work and life. It is unlikely that they will have time to do physical exercise. So you might as well choose about 8 p.m. to exercise, and the effect is good. Frequency: Fitness does not need to be done every day, and the effect of doing it every day is not good. The best effect is to do it three times a week, that is, the next day, and then rest one more day at the weekend. If it can't be done, it's OK to do it twice a week, but it can't be less, otherwise it won't work. For friends who want to lose weight, you can do it again. 3. Breathing: When doing fitness exercises, it is very important to breathe correctly, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Specifically: breathe in hard, deep as possible; exhale when relaxed, exhale thoroughly as possible. Sequence: As far as fitness itself is concerned, there is no order. But because we are all amateur training, there is no special person to protect you, so the right order is very important, it can protect you from accidents. Specifically: first do lower limb exercises, then do chest and back exercises, then do upper limb exercises, and finally do abdominal exercises. Fifth, auxiliary equipment: dumbbells are the most commonly used family fitness. If economic conditions permit, a set of dumbbells with different weights can be purchased, and vice versa, a pair of adjustable weights can be purchased. Don't underestimate the small dumbbell, it can do a lot of exercise, it can exercise your biceps, triceps, wrist strength, chest muscle; put the dumbbell under the neck to do sit-ups, the effect is very good. Sixth, the key to fitness lies in perseverance. If you stick to the above method, you will see a marked change in three months, and you will be surprised in a year.