Men and women are different in the gym.

Time:2013-05-05 06:03:38

Walking into the busy gym, not only are the big men sweating like rain, but also many beautiful ladies, who add the beauty of femininity to the monotonous gym. As for fitness, men and women have different demands on it. Women prefer a gentle way, while men prefer a stimulating feeling. If fitness is a fast food, women will choose a delicious side dish, men will choose Turkish barbecue, the gym is quietly drawn 38 lines. Self-rated Index 1. Do you have much abdominal fat? Abdominal obesity is calculated by hip-waist ratio: that is, divide waist size by hip size. If men are above 0.9 or women are above 0.8, they show excessive accumulation of intra-abdominal fat. 2. When will the fitness break? Every time you exercise, you should pay attention to your heartbeat. If you want to breathe heavily and have a difficult feeling when you talk, you should take a rest immediately. This kind of overloaded exercise is harmful and harmful to the body. 3. Whether exercise achieves the best effect or not, the heartbeat of young people in exercise should be 120 times per minute to 140 times per minute, and that of people around 60 years old should be 110 times per minute, no less than 30 minutes each time. This is most conducive to the improvement of immunity, to achieve good results. Men's fitness tips 1. Massive sweating has nothing to do with fat loss. People are willing to sweat like rain under the misleading concept of "sweating more can reduce fat". Studies have shown that excessive sweating and inappropriate replenishment of water can easily lead to collapse of the human body. Simple sweating can not effectively lose weight. Only by adding some equipment training can we achieve good results. 2. Avoid shaving before exercise. Because the skin after shaving is particularly sensitive, sweat during exercise will stimulate the skin of these parts, making them inflamed and tingling. Female fitness tips 1. Female training equipment will not become Schwarzenegger. You can see on TV that women who take part in bodybuilding competitions are muscular. In fact, many of these "muscular women" are hormones. Women's muscle growth is different from men's. Men grow in a way of increasing circumference, while women's muscle growth in a vertical way will only appear healthy. 2. Female Fitness Photograph to Lose Weight. Women only lose weight without muscle training, although the danger will not immediately show, but like a time bomb, buried under the surface of health. These risks include osteoporosis and joint injuries due to lack of strength. This is why many women's hands, hips and legs are prone to fracture, but also prone to lower back pain, scoliosis. 3. Where you practice, you don't have to reduce it. Some people think that abdominal muscle training can reduce abdominal fat, but in fact it is not. Reasonable equipment training can effectively carry out anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism to achieve the goal of reducing fat, rather than simply to train a part of the muscle.