Maintain proper exercise and reasonable diet to resist hypertension

Time:2013-04-23 03:46:29

At present, more than one third of adults in the world suffer from hypertension, which deserves great attention. This is the announcement of the 64th World Health Day on April 7 this year. The prevalence of hypertension in China has two distinct characteristics: from the south to the north, the prevalence of hypertension is increasing; the prevalence of hypertension among different nationalities is also different. The prevalence of hypertension is higher among the nationalities living in the north or plateau areas, while the prevalence of hypertension among the nationalities living in the South or non-plateau areas is lower. Hypertension is the most common chronic disease and the most important risk factor of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure and chronic kidney disease are the main complications. Practice at home and abroad has proved that hypertension can prevent and control diseases, reduce the blood pressure level of hypertension patients, significantly reduce stroke and heart disease events, significantly improve the quality of life of patients, effectively reduce the burden of disease. The risk of hypertension is related to the blood pressure level of patients, but also depends on other cardiovascular risk factors, target organ damage and other complications. In recent years, with the acceleration of people's rhythm of life, the increasing pressure of study and work, and the aggravation of environmental pollution, many people find that their physical fitness has declined significantly. Sub-health symptoms not only plague the elderly, but also begin to attack the young. The sudden death of college students after running happened one after another last year. It's really sad that the body is no longer the capital of young people. Nowadays, the wrapping countries also pay special attention to the all-round development of students'morality, intelligence and physique. They also attach great importance to students' physical exercise. In the information age, more and more people can contact the outside world without leaving home and finish the things they could not accomplish before. In this way, more and more people are seriously lack of activities and physical exercise, and their physical condition is much worse than before. Therefore, they are ill now. The morbidity also showed a marked upward trend. So we usually pay special attention to physical exercise, get up early according to personal physical condition for morning running, or go to the gym for some appropriate exercise, you can also buy a home treadmill, relatively less trouble, and the family can exercise. The risk of hypertension can be reduced by reducing salt intake, maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding alcoholism, regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding tobacco use.