Teach you how to eliminate belly fat

Time:2013-04-22 08:18:12

Exercising abdominal muscles is actually not difficult, as long as you walk as usual, do sports and make sit-ups, the difference is that these need a little bit of enhancement version of the improvement. Abdominal obese people can also use abdominal breathing to do abdominal retraction walking. The main point of this method is that the abdomen should be fully inflated when inhaling, and contracted when exhaling, and tightened as much as possible. It helps stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote waste discharge and increase vital capacity. The abdominal contraction walking should be carried out according to the following methods: in daily walking and standing, the abdomen should be reduced vigorously and combined with abdominal breathing, so that the abdominal muscles become strong. Initially this method will not be used to, but as long as you keep reminding yourself to walk, it will be very good to achieve the goal of weight loss. This will not only flatten the lower abdomen after a few weeks, but also make the walking posture more graceful. Strengthened version of sit-ups for abdominal obese people can do special sit-ups, which is very ideal for reducing abdominal fat. At the beginning of the movement, the athlete needs to lie on his back at the end of the bed, while he needs to lean out of the bed below his hip. After lying down, gradually bend your knees and place your thighs above your abdomen. Open your hands horizontally on both sides of your body, then place your palms under your hips. Then the abdomen pulls the legs hard and straightens them forward at a slow count of 10. Note that the tips of the feet must be up and the body must be in a straight line. After completion, stop at the top and bend the knees at a speed of several to five to restore the thighs to the starting position. The back, shoulders and arms must be kept relaxed during the whole exercise, and the main part of exertion should be the abdomen. The number of times a day, each person according to their own physical conditions.