Edo teaches you how to exercise your abdominal muscles

Time:2013-04-18 04:14:56

Many male friends want to exercise perfect abdominal muscles. Today, I will introduce you how to exercise perfect abdominal muscles. First, nutrition. If we want to exercise strong muscles, we should pay special attention to nutrition. As we all know, muscles are made up of protein, so we must eat a lot of protein food. Eggs and beef milk are good choices. To supplement the body's needs, there are currently in the fitness industry most respected tonics such as muscle powder, milk protamine powder and so on. The main ingredients of muscle-strengthening powder are carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and trace elements. Some of them also add creatine, glutamine, branched-chain amino acids, carnitine, methyl chromium and so on, which can supplement all kinds of nutrients needed by bodybuilding trainers to the maximum extent. Second, training. Training methods can choose different exercise methods according to personal preferences. There are many ways to exercise abdominal muscles. The most important thing is to stick to them, make exercise plans and arrange them reasonably. The most common sit-up method is to put the body in a supine state, knee flexion into about 90, foot flat on the ground, with the help of external force to make it fixed, and then use abdominal muscles to sit up. The number of times does not care much about the standard. Every movement is in place. Supine sit-ups also have: rotating supine sit-ups (exercise the upper rectus abdominis), supine legs stretch (exercise the lower rectus abdominis), bending legs supine sit-ups (exercise the upper rectus abdominis abdominis) hanging knee flexion abdomen (exercise the lower rectus abdominis) can be combined to achieve the best exercise effect. In addition, after exercise, you can do relatively simple running exercises on the treadmill to relax your body.