Ambassador of Ecdot brand treadmill image

Time:2013-03-22 09:43:44

At the end of last year, Zong Fengyan, a well-known actor who served as the ambassador for the image of Ecdot treadmill, renewed his contract with Ecdot Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. Our company and Zong Yanfeng have cooperated for a long time and have been relatively happy and successful, so when we talked about cooperation again, we agreed. The Chinese mainland's powerful male actors, when they first appeared, were paid attention to. The broadcast of "Let's Watch Meteor Rain" made their popularity soar. Yan Nanfei's portrayal of the villain in Tianya Mingyue Dao shows the audience his acting skills. Quyang, played in the 2013 edition of Xiaoao Jianghu, is his first affinity with Jin Yong's swordsman fiction. I believe that many of my friends have seen a lot of "Laughing Ao Jianghu" during this period, which has a profound image. Zong Yanfeng gives us an optimistic and healthy life, which is consistent with the philosophy advocated by our company. Ecdot brand treadmill advocates a little more love for life, sports, health, hope that everyone is to face life with a positive attitude. In the process of life, they also maintain the concern for their own health. Let's take a look at Zong Yanfeng's handsome stills and our signing pictures of Aikodo.