Detailed Functions of the New Type of Treadmill in 2013 (Acordo)

Time:2013-03-21 12:30:07

Recently, we have seen a lot of new treadmills on the market, with different functions. Compared with the old treadmills, the functions and experience have been greatly improved. Since last year, Ekdo brand treadmill has been improving related technologies for various details. The old version of the treadmill gives people a stiff feeling, relatively simple functions, details of the design did not meet the customer's experience, and the new type of treadmill for the treadmill, dial, motor and other components have been upgraded, this article is also mainly a detailed introduction of the relevant functions and functions. At present, the latest blue-light background LED display screen is used in EX-705, EX-707, EX-709, EX-690, EX-900 and many other Icodo brand treadmills. The display effect is exquisite, clear, and automatic language display function. Some treadmills are equipped with MP3 interface, USB interface and SD card interface, which can access a variety of music storage devices. It is very convenient. The runway belt design, the runway currently basically uses double runway, the material of the runway has also been improved, reducing the body damage caused by the runway backlash, the runway also increased the flexibility and friction appropriately, to prevent falling. Springs are added to the left and right sides of the treadmill, and the effect of shock absorption is very obvious, which is better than that of silica gel before. Motor, motor is the power system of the whole treadmill. The quality of the motor directly affects the quality of the treadmill. Aikodo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. pays special attention to the quality of the motor. It has tested dozens of motor motors before and after. Through the experimental results, it finally chooses the motor motor currently used. The power is better, the silence effect is also very good. The new brand of Aikodo runs. All the machines adopt new motor. Photo: