Magic Ways to Lose Weight in Spring

Time:2013-03-15 08:54:55

Core Tip: With the winter away, if you want to have a perfect figure, you have to start implementing the spring weight loss plan! Here is a three-month plan to lose weight in spring, refusing to hurt health and advocating slow and thin to build a perfect body. First, 90 to 60 days weight loss plan from today can no longer eat night snacks, night food hoarding, is the enemy of the body, should be kept in an empty stomach three hours before bedtime. Calorie calculation of food, know each other in order to win a hundred battles, and every day to ensure a good sleep state, early to bed and early to rise, for your perfect skin, the best weight-loss to make a comprehensive preparation. Diet Chapter: Eat about 100 grams of beef and mutton, or skinned chicken every day, supplement with hemoglobin, make your face look rosy and charming, without worrying about excessive fat and fat. Choose porridge once in three meals to make you feel full and calorie is only 1/3 of rice, so you can lose weight easily while making your face more beautiful. Adding some coarse grains daily, oats are preferable. Cellulose in coarse grains accelerates intestinal peristalsis, promotes defecation and detoxification, and diuretics and swelling relieve skin delicacy and evenness. Lose weight while keeping your skin healthy. Bean products less than 300 grams a day (not dried beans), skin smooth, delicate, flexible, low calorie, the same dietary fiber in beans is a good help to lose weight. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables every day, promote weight loss, brighten the skin, make your body look better, skin more moist and transparent. Guarantee five glasses of water a day, diuresis and detoxification, nourishing the skin. Exercise: Raise dumbbells or mineral water at least 50 times a day, so that you can easily shake off the butterfly arm, with perfect clavicle and tight beautiful arms. Walk 30 minutes a day. Don't make excuses. Call your allies or supporters after walking. Don't underestimate the 30 minutes'walk, it will make your legs look more compact and symmetrical. Do enough stretching and relaxing exercises before and after exercise every day. Relax your muscles and keep their flexibility. It can prevent them from becoming muscular and make the lines smooth and graceful. Whenever possible, you can do the following exercise: breathe in, pull in your hips, feel like you need to wear a tight pair of jeans. This action helps shape your body and strengthen your abdomen. Stand up and move. Whenever you have an opportunity to move at work or at home, take advantage of it. Second, 60 to 30 days passed in a twinkling of an eye. After previous efforts, I believe you must be very anxious to lose excess weight at this time, right? Never mind. Keep coming with me. Diet Chapter: Choose more whole wheat foods and other coarse grains, because this kind of food is low in fat, it only contains 10% - 15% protein, in addition, digestion is very slow, not easy to feel hungry, this high-fiber diet is very effective for constipation, usually with more vegetables, balanced nutrition and weight loss. If you can choose to mix, you don't choose to stir-fry. If you can eat at home, you don't eat out. If you can cut down the staple food in the evening, you can try to cut it down. You can drink some milk or mix it with a piece of vegetable and fruit and yogurt. Salt must be reduced so that you don't accumulate too much water in your body. Drinking a glass or two of water before eating may actually signal thirst. In addition, it can help you reduce the amount of food you eat. Additionally, it can make your stomach feel full and full. Don't cut down your intake of green vegetables and fruits. Add an egg every day to supplement protein and vitamins without worrying about getting fat. Except for three meals, try not to eat snacks. Exercise: At this point, you need to add a little amount of exercise, and focus on local shaping. If you need to consult a fitness coach or your dietitian, they will teach you what kind of exercise is more suitable for you, more conducive to reducing the part you want to lose. Smear body-building products, through various drainage compact ingredients help, your curve will be more exquisite and effective. Curve stretching exercise, yoga exercise can adjust your body shape, and for local obesity has a perfect sculpture effect, emphasizing physical and mental integration exercise can also help you relieve stress and improve your self-realm. 3. Keep a balanced diet from 30 days to the last minute. At the last minute, remember not to be greedy and relaxed. In particular, fried foods not only make you fat upper body, but also affect the body's acid-base imbalance, and even affect your skin. If time is really too late, you do not feel that there is no time for such a reasonable diet to lose weight, don't lose heart, next I recommend you an absolutely good way to quickly lose weight! Yes, you're right. It can be reduced quickly! As long as you follow exactly what I said. But this method is only suitable for temporary consumption, not very healthy, most of the water lost in your body. Diet: The first day of three-day diet therapy: half oranges for breakfast, two spoons of peanut butter, two slices of toast and one cup of coffee. Lunch: Tuna in half jar, two slices of toast and a cup of coffee. Dinner: half cauliflower, two pieces of meat, ten beans, ten grapes, one apple and one cup of coffee. The next day: breakfast: banana half root, boiled eggs two, toast one or two pieces, coffee cup. lunch