Spring Sports and Fitness

Time:2013-03-08 09:56:57

Since early spring, this season is suitable for us to do some proper exercises, exercise, keep outdoor activities and relax our mood, which has been dormant for a long time. Perhaps many friends in the city, because the work is busy, not too much time, through some home treadmill exercise. At present, many types of treadmills on the market have rigid fuselage boards. Long-term running and long-term impact will cause knee joint damage, so we should pay attention to the protection of body parts. But at present, many upgraded versions of treadmills have been introduced in the market. For example, the new type of treadmill with the brand of "Ai Ke Duo" of Ai Ke Duo Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is equipped with spring shock absorber, silicone shock absorber and technical improvement of the treadmill. It solves these problems very well. During the running process, it feels very comfortable running on the grass, and the effect is better. Urban life inevitably makes people impetuous. After a day's work stress, we are also eager to enjoy the pleasure of life. In keeping fit, we can also listen to music, relieve stress and fatigue, and achieve pleasant fitness.