The treadmill fitness is no longer monotonous and tedious. It teaches you how to play tricks.

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

Core Tip: Home treadmill fitness, easy to fall into the dull monotony, thus losing the interest in sticking to exercise, in fact, the treadmill fitness method can also have many "tricks" to play fun. Often people complain that when they buy the treadmill home, the whole family rushes to play, but in a few days, the novelty has passed, and the treadmill is left aside, in the same shape, which inevitably leads to the treadmill fitness too monotonous. And some people, who are purchased to lose weight, may find that the effect is not obvious, lose confidence in losing weight, and then no longer use the treadmill. The simplest and most direct way to improve it is to place the treadmill near the window, so that when you exercise, you will feel like running outdoors, reducing the sense of boredom, and you can also put some background music to adjust your mood. However, it's better not to watch TV while exercising. Although it's a good way to kill boredom, it's easy to distract energy and cause unexpected injuries. In fact, in order to solve this problem fundamentally, we need to learn different training methods on treadmill according to different training purposes, and know how to use them differently, so we will naturally not feel bored any more. There are mainly the following training methods: aerobic isokinetic training: the speed increases gradually from 2 km/h, the gradient difference is 1 km, each level maintains for 1 minute. Observe the target heart rate range of moderate intensity aerobic training (130-150 beats per minute), then maintain the speed and exercise for 10-30 minutes. If the heart rate continues to accelerate, wheeze or discomfort, immediately decelerate, unless in an emergency, generally avoid a sudden stop, but to gradually decelerate the transition, it is safer. When the same speed has not reached the original heart rate, it can slightly increase the speed or slope, which is conducive to improving cardiopulmonary function. Aerobic Variable Speed Training: After the heart rate reaches 130-150 beats per minute, it slows down for 3 minutes. After the heart rate drops to 110-120 beats per minute, it maintains for 3 minutes, and then increases for 3 minutes again, so it alternates 2-5 times. It belongs to middle and small intensity aerobic training, suitable for young people with slightly poor physique. Anaerobic metabolism training: when the heart rate reaches 130-150 times/min, maintain for 5 minutes, then according to the gradient of 1 kilometer/hour per minute, gradient of 2 degrees, accelerate and increase the gradient, so that the heart rate gradually reaches 170 times/min, that is, enter the "threshold" of anaerobic metabolism, and maintain for 5 minutes. Then start slowing down the speed and gradient quickly, and then walk slowly for 3 minutes. Suitable for young people with better physical fitness.