Have you noticed these little movements?

Time:2012-08-31 03:25:11

In fact, most of the time we can not be in close contact with outdoor fitness equipment, busy life makes us physically and mentally exhausted, but at this time do you notice these small movements? Fist clenching, thumb straightening, arms backward, can straighten back, seat and other telephone time. The thumb fingertips point vertically at the joint of your body and chair on the back and the area 10 centimeters upward. Point with the thumb, slowly. When the thumb tip touches the body, press it as hard as possible and release it slowly. From the congested road to the office, early in the morning. You can do simple finger movements, such as stretching out your hands and closing your five fingers together. When you see your colleagues, you can clap your hands and greet them. At the same time, you can send out "hi, good morning" and other voices. Smiling, acting and greeting are not only effective physical exercises, but also can enhance communication, relieve pressure, and bring good mood for a day's work. Turn on the computer and go to your seat. To sit down at this time, pay attention to line upright, adhere to graceful posture, especially can not bow shoulders and back, should be chest, head up, abdomen, straight knee. Try not to cross your legs. Girls in high heels can take off their shoes under suitable conditions and start tiptoeing for three minutes. The hand may be tired and then make a clap. My hands and fingers stretched out and went on the net for a while. Then clap hard, the louder the better. Applause is mainly to comfort the corresponding acupoints on both hands, usually about 20 times. Rub your hands as much as possible to get hot. After lunch, when you wash your hands. You can walk downstairs or in the corridor for 30 minutes, pay attention to speed and posture, chat with colleagues, or call friends. At this time, you can do dough rubbing and feel a little tired sitting in the chair in the afternoon. Place the rubbed hands flat on the face. The middle fingers of both hands are rubbed down from both sides of the nose to both sides of the ala. The face is heated until rubbed repeatedly. Then close your eyes and massage your eyes and around with your fingertips.