Attentions in the Use of Ecdot Brand treadmills

Time:2013-04-12 04:11:46

For your safety, please strictly observe the following points: 1. This treadmill is a household electric treadmill. Continuous use time should not be too long. 2. The treadmill should be placed smoothly and can be padded with carpet or rubber. Avoid sunshine, rain and dampness. 3. The voltage of this treadmill is 220V and 50HZ. When using it, it must use a suitable socket with good single-phase and three-hole grounding, and avoid using other electrical appliances at the same power supply line to avoid mutual interference. 4. Before use, check whether all parts of the treadmill are firmly assembled, whether the nuts are tightened, whether the tension of the running belt is appropriate, and if the treadmill is faulty, it must not be used. 5. Exercisers must wear sportswear and sneakers. Barefoot, hard-soled shoes, high heels and loose and plump clothes are strictly prohibited. Long-haired people must tie their hair behind their backs so as not to swing. 6. Before starting, both feet should be placed on the guard bars on both sides. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the running belt to start the treadmill. When running, you must clamp the safety switch on your clothes. When you leave, you must press the stop button or pull the safety switch. You can not come down until it has stopped completely. It is strictly forbidden to jump up and down. 7. Two people are not allowed to be on the treadmill at the same time. Those who are overweight should not be used. 8. When using massager, the treadmill should be put flat. Do not use it when folding. 9. If you feel pain or discomfort, please stop using it immediately and consult the relevant medical staff. 10. Do not allow children to use it alone. Adult guardianship is required when using it or approaching it. 11. When unattended, please switch the power switch to "0" position and unplug the power plug to avoid no-load operation.