Service in place

Time:2012-10-19 11:05:23

Service in place

I'm mainly talking about the service attitude of Edo, which really impressed me. After so many years of cooperation, I seldom visited the company. I remember the first time when I called to inquire, a gentle female voice made a good impression on me. I asked a lot about quality, after-sales, price and other related factors. This female saleswoman answered for me one by one, and she did not repeat them repeatedly like other salesmen in other companies. The advantages of the product, but asked me to pay more attention to the factors of the product, focusing on the key points, for I have saved a lot of tongue for her, such a service I still look forward to. When I finally hung up, I said that I should consider it carefully. This salesman is still a kind attitude: you must consider it well. After all, doing a business is not done by casual talk, it is cost. No matter how good I say, it is useless. It mainly depends on the customers. That's the original meaning, which makes me feel comfortable, because it's really for customers, not for business.

When I have decided to cooperate with ECDO, the delivery is more timely, I will take the initiative to fax or scan the invoice to me, so that I can rest assured. It will also keep track of the logistics to check the dynamics of the goods, and call me to tell me how the goods have arrived. Although I know that other companies are basically the same process, it is good to cooperate for such a long time and treat customers like before.

This after-sales service attitude, let alone timely handling of the problem, even in the phone can patiently listen to me finish the problem, and then one by one solve the problem for me, timely sending accessories, sent a call after not forgetting to inform. There are only a few words for this service: attentive, timely and in place!

These salesmen are very dedicated and believe in their products. I remember once I said to a salesman who often contacted me: I believe you! He immediately responded: I believe in my product! This made me feel that the salesman was very involved in his work. He was not only working hard, but also doing business hard. You should know that work and business are completely different concepts.

I believe in Acordo, I believe in Acordo treadmill, I believe in the market I look forward to!

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