I'm with Acordo

Time:2012-10-19 11:05:23

"I and Acordo"

Since the age of 20, he began to work with business partners and start large and small businesses. Although he has achieved remarkable results, he also has a little talk about business. Decades of experience tell me that no matter what business I run, the key is brand and quality. This is an indispensable element in business and a prerequisite for successful business operation.

Five years ago, we started to operate the "Tengfei Fitness and Health Equipment Store". Because we have been in business for a long time, the store itself has become familiar with light cars. But at that time, both the source of goods and the channel of goods took a lot of trouble. When looking for the source of goods, we should not only stick to the good quality, but also stick to the psychological price that local consumers can afford. In fact, three years later, I noticed the widely acclaimed "Ecdot" on the Internet, and felt that I could try to make an advanced prototype. Thus, in this way and "Ai Keduo" tied an indissoluble bond.

A few days later, Acordo 707A entered our store. I and the shop assistants have experienced this exquisite and strong treadmill separately, and compared other brands of treadmills that were still on sale at the same price. It is obvious that the design of "Acordo" is more humanistic, not only has more complete functions, but also has less noise when running, and makes people run more comfortably. More importantly, we also compared the configuration and functions of other brands of treadmills that were sold at that time with those of "Acordo". No more than not found, a startle, "Aikodo" is a whole cheaper than the latter twice the price! What heartening news this is for local consumers!

Sure enough, a couple of days later, this "Aikodo 707A" which was originally intended to be a prototype was bought by a customer who had seen a lot of treadmills and came to our shop many times. I think that the consumer who knows the goods must be looking at the exquisite appearance of "Aikodo" and its high cost performance. Better news to share with you, the first consumer of "Acordo" in our store has been buying machines for two years, but there has been no quality problem in the two years.

Since then, "Ai Ke Duo" has become the main brand of treadmill promotion in our shop. During the two-year operation period, due to the word-of-mouth of old customers, there are many cases of group buying in our "Ai Ke Duo". Even relatives formed a group of relatives and friends from our shop ordered 15 treadmills, and finally concluded a deal.

Of course, during the two-year distribution period, there have been dissatisfaction and misunderstanding with our suppliers, but generally speaking, our friendly cooperative relationship is still the main tone. I remember one day when I installed the 709A treadmill and tested it after installation, I found that the handle sensor did not respond. After disassembly, the inspection also proved to be a problem of the heart rate sensor. Before that, a customer had also reported that the heart rate sensing data was sometimes inaccurate. So I immediately called Xiao Wang, who was in charge of supplying our store. After I explained the cause of the problem, I felt that Xiao Wang would send me a batch of heart rate sensors and everything would be OK. How come Xiao Wang, after listening to my story, asked me a series of questions, until he asked me a little impatient, and even suspected that Xiao Wang was so stingy that he didn't want to distribute these accessories to me. After the end of the phone call, as a northern man, I felt very unhappy for a while.

A few days later, I received a courier with accessories. In addition to the heart rate sensor I asked for, there were several more wires in it. At that time, I thought it was Xiao Wang's carelessness that made a mistake. But when I changed the handle heart rate sensor, I found that the joints on both sides were changeable and parallel. If I didn't use the connecting wires sent by Xiao Wang, I could not replace them successfully. I thanked Xiao Wang from the bottom of my heart and felt sorry for my previous misunderstanding of Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang is not only conscientious and responsible for his work, but also has a strong sense of detail and humanistic service. He also considers for our distributors who are far away from mountains and rivers. All these are exactly what we need.

"Ai Ke Duo" has many selling points, high performance-price ratio and high quality. It is an important reason for us to choose and distribute the brand in "Tengfei Fitness and Health Equipment Store", but it is not the only reason. We chose "Acordo" because the company has many employees who are as serious and responsible as Xiao Wang and easy-going leaders like manager Lv Wei. We fully trust the company with such a down-to-earth, modest and courteous corporate culture. Such a company is reliable!

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