Responsibility and Confidence Win-Win 2013 (31st) Sports Fair concluded satisfactorily

Time:2013-06-06 07:38:23

From May 31 to June 3, the 2013 (31st) China International Sporting Goods Fair sponsored by the State General Administration of Sports was successfully opened at the China International Exhibition Center (New Pavilion) in Beijing. The theme of the exhibition is "win-win responsibility and confidence". The exhibition attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, and more than 110,000 visitors, sports enthusiasts and related professionals attended the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition attracted more than 300 news media units and people from all walks of life from home and abroad. Against the background of the slowdown of the high-speed development momentum of the sports goods industry, although the 2013 Sports Expo has been affected by such factors as the international economic downturn and the "sequelae" of the financial crisis, the organizers have taken various measures to actively respond to the situation and intensify the propaganda efforts, so that the overall scale of the 2013 Sports Expo does not show a downward trend compared with the 2012 Sports Expo. All 8 exhibition halls of Beijing New National Exhibition will continue to be used in the 2013 Sports Expo. All the first-line sporting goods brands from both international and domestic countries will be present. According to the industry characteristics of different types of sporting goods and participating enterprises, the exhibition hall will be divided into six thematic exhibition areas, namely, fitness massage rehabilitation facilities exhibition, gymnasium facilities and building exhibition area, net feather sports exhibition area and outdoor roller skating. Automobile exhibition area, comprehensive exhibition area and overseas exhibition area. This Expo will continue to improve the concept of "Exhibition in Exhibition". On the basis of previous fitness exhibition areas, it will launch "China Fitness Exhibition 2013", formulate special exhibition area planning, publicity and promotion plans and invitation plans for fitness professional audience, and form a comprehensive fitness business exchange platform integrating exhibitions, forums, performances and other forms. For the first time, the exhibition set up a "new product release exhibition area" in the visitors'guidebook. The organizers intend to encourage enterprises to display the latest achievements of new products, new technologies and new materials during the exhibition, increase exposure opportunities, guide them to build up the ability of independent innovation awareness, and protect their intellectual property rights. The 2013 Sports Expo will hold six categories and seventeen events, including official events, high-end forums, interactive experiences, performance exhibitions, business negotiations, and simultaneous meetings. On the basis of continuing to improve and publish the "Sports Goods Industry Development Report", we will focus on creating a brand-new peak forum for the sports goods industry. In view of the current development situation of China's sports goods industry, we will invite senior people from society and industry to make suggestions for the future development of China's sports goods industry. Interactive experience and performance exhibition activities are more in line with the needs of ordinary audiences. Rich and colorful experience activities are all over the pavilion. Outdoor science and technology experience area, green low-carbon experience area and KT football show are for the audiences to experience for themselves. Interesting cage Table Tennis Challenge show is waiting for the audiences to participate actively. The Exhibition of sports treasures is the largest in China at present. In addition to nearly 1,000 collections of sports cultural themes, more than 100 overseas treasures will also appear for the first time at the scale of sports collections exhibition. Many badminton stars and table tennis players will come to the scene to communicate and interact with their players. Taiwan's popular idol singer Wang Leehom also came to the scene on June 1. In the organization of professional spectators in China, the 2013 Sports Fair will continue to make full use of the resources and background advantages of the State General Administration of Sports, the Beijing Municipal Government and relevant industry associations, optimize the channels of audience invitation, improve the ability of in-depth service to professional spectators, and, on the basis of the national sports system, focus on breaking through the procurement channels of the education system and organizing a wider range of primary and secondary school sports equipment procurement. Personnel watch the exhibition and organize meetings with exhibitors. In addition, professional associations such as China Commercial Department Store Association, China Hotel Association, Beijing Bodybuilding Association, as well as invitations to excellent e-commerce, comprehensive stores and chain supermarkets, are organized by the sponsors to conduct business negotiations and exchange with vendors on the site of the Expo. In the recruitment of public audiences, they are mainly attracted to participate through the exhibition area activities with distinct characteristics of each exhibition area, and propaganda and promotion are carried out by means of three-dimensional, multi-round and multi-form advertising carriers. Overseas audiences are mainly recruited through overseas associations, embassies stationed in China, participating in overseas trade fairs, and cooperating with mainstream foreign trade websites such as India and Turkey to promote the Expo. Overseas audiences of the Expo cover 96 countries and regions around the world. This year, the Organizing Committee has invited thousands of key overseas buyers from more than 40 countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan, Germany and Italy, and invited national delegations from emerging sports goods markets, such as Brazil, to come to the Expo in an effort to attract more overseas audiences. The total number of overseas audiences this year is expected to be around 6000-7000. After 30 sessions of growth, transformation, maturity to brilliant development process, the 31st Sports Expo will stand at a higher historical new starting point, enter a new stage of development in an all-round way, leading the development trend of China's sports goods industry. With the keynote of "deep cultivation industry, serving the public", according to the general layout of the "five in one" of the Central Committee, the 2013 Sports Expo unifies all the work of the exhibition to the requirements of the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress. In the new period of economic development, it will not only serve enterprises and sports goods industry, but also reflect on how to better serve the people's lives in the current social and economic changes. Service, for the cause of national fitness, for the community.